Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hassocks Hairy Face at the Window May 2017

This account was emailed to Adam Bird and he kindly passed the details along to me, and with the witnesses permission i can happily share it with you all.

Witness Account: I want to share with you an experience I had in May this year while I was holidaying in Brighton,  but we were sleeping in our caravan in Coleman's Caravan Park in Hassocks.  Everything went well and on the Tuesday, which was the second night of our holiday, we had decided to have an early night, we went to bed and had been settled down for about a half hour when I heard this strange ruffling sound outside the caravan.

The campground is quite small and private and we were sleeping with the curtains open. When i opened my eyes to see what was making the noise i got a shock as i looked to the window is when I saw this “thing” looking into the van at us.  It was not doing anything but It was just stood there looking in and watching us in bed.

It shocked me so i turned and I woke up my husband. I would describe what i saw as pretty tall.  Its head reached the top of the caravan window.  The face was pressed up against the glass and the figure was hairy.  My husband sat up and lit his lighter and for a brief few seconds we got a good clear look at it.   Its shoulders were broad and his face ugly.  It had a full beard but thin hair on top of its head and it was showing its teeth.  They teeth well they were like dog's teeth.  I was so scared.

Luckily as soon as my Husband lit the lighter and illuminated the “thing”, it ran off.  I was trying to reason what or who it could've been, i don’t know if it was just someone homeless, but it just didn’t seem human to me.  It looked like half an animal.  I saw your video at Yellowham Hill and thought I would contact you. Could it have been one of these bigfoot things you talk about?  Im very open minded but sceptical. Thanks from XXX"

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Can i ask you a question?

I have been asked the same questions recently by a number of people and although i can not speak for all of the UK researchers and witnesses and the people with an interest in the subject, it think many of us are here for the same reason, it's really easy for me to answer them all here in the hopes of dispelling the myths.  The first question i am usually asked is.

If i tell you my experience do i have to give my name and details  Anything that is shared with me and added to the map and blog is done so with the witnesses permission. Many people are happy to be named and add their account to the map, some would prefer to remain anon and others just want to share and to keep things secret for now, and there are many witnesses like this, who are not yet ready to come forward but watch from the sidelines what we all do and slowly build the courage to share.  What is most important to me is that people have a place to share, where they will be listened too by others who understand or share their experience, among friends or in private, the witness or the forest folk themselves will always come first.

How much money do you make from the subject? and that is a very relevant question, the simple honest answer is we dont, i dont know of any person in the UK making any money from their youtube channels or blogs.  All of us do this for nothing, to share the knowledge and enjoy the journey, each researcher taking time out on their own funds to further us along in the hopes of answering the many questions we all have, I also don't know of any witness that has made a penny from their story, in fact quite often as in my case it can be really hard to field the trolls and ridicule, but in amongst all of that are the genuine people, the ones who care and are willing to be open minded and listen, for after all any of you could be a future witness, who knows what your journey will bring.

How active do i have to be to be a researcher or a group member? Well i think that is for the individual to decide, and it all depends on what works for you.  Whether you're out and about every weekend or just when you're in an area that works once or twice a year.  It can also depend on how active physically you can be, for some it's easy getting out and about and for others it's much harder. So whatever you are comfortable with is perfect, and there are many different skills you can bring to the table, a simple listening ear when the witnesses come forward can mean so much, sharing anything you find online that may be of interest to others or simply by being a member of the community that has an interest in the subject can go a very long way in helping our wild spaces regenerate and ourselves reconnect with nature.

Will The British Bigfoot Subject ever be accepted in the UK  I think the subject already has a wide and growing audience, the more we share, the more people come forward with their experiences, the more we document the structures, signs and glyphs the easier they will become to match, the more that people venture out into the woods and hills of the UK, the more people listening to witnesses and documenting finds, will help this subject move beyond the fringes of fortean creatures and myths of old, as we all once viewed herbalists, wiccans and the paranormal in times past as ridiculous acts of trickery and devilry and infact believing in them could cost you your life, yet those three examples now have a vast and wide acceptance worldwide.  As any witness to a UFO will tell you, it is now not a problem reporting the account and in fact you are welcomed with open arms by the masses, whereas 20yrs ago this was not the case at all.  This too will happen for The British Bigfoot.  I hope that one day land is set aside and habits changed to accommodate our forest friends and leave them in peace.  To do what they have always done and go about their business without a thought to us. Which leads me to another question.

Do we need a body to prove beyond doubt their existence? I don't know of anyone here in the UK out to trap or catch any cryptid unknown, let alone a master of their own environment, as you move around in your home, even in the dark, you know every inch of your rooms, so i doubt this would ever be achieved, but let's for arguments sake say we have the (prodigal Body) of a grown male, what good would that do us, we would only be fulfilling our own curiosity as to species and gene, that is not our right, many unknown tribes walked this earth over the centuries, and many were thought of as myth and legend, as humans, is the answer for us to catch and kill a member of these tribes to answer the question of their existence.  It would only advance us in a limited way, yet to document and study and observe patterns and habits could get us to a place where most of our questions would be answered anyway.  To kill an unknown animal to prove its very existence is abhorrent to 99% of us humans thankfully and i feel anything other than observation and acceptance where our forest friends are concerned, is a wish too far for us. None of us know who and what they are, and as humans we fear that, communication is the key, as we watch and learn each other's habits a trust can start to form is my hope, a little naive most would think, but for me it's always been my hope that one day we would walk this earth together, and even if this doesn't happen in mine or your lifetime, we will have sowed a seed of acceptance that can be copied ten fold as the years roll on.

Should it do it this way or Should i do try this?  Try anything that comes to mind and do what you feel like doing when you're out, and don't be afraid to switch things up, listening to others opinions is a good way of learning, but because something worked or failed for them, does not mean it will be the same for you, it's really up to the individual to decide how far they want to delve into this subject and in how they go about it, i think as long as you respect nature when you're out you're already onto a winner in my book.  Find your own way because thinking outside the box is what will bring in more pieces of the puzzle in the long run.

Is the map free?  Yes and it always will be, so many people have put time and effort into the map, and all of the witnesses who shared deserve to have their stories told.  So it will always be free and if you would like to add, change or expand on any of the accounts please drop me a line at and if you would like a copy of the interactive google map just click this link

D. L. Hatswell 20/7/17

Monday, 17 July 2017

Slieveanorra Howls and Dogs Scared 2017

A wildlife photographer out on a visit to the area with her partner and their three dogs had an experience over a couple of days this week that may hint at there being more to this forest than we first believed. 

Witness Account: .Myself, my Partner and the 3 dogs went to an area of Slieveanorra forest at around 4.30pm this evening (14/7/17)...It was raining quite heavily, and we were walking one of our usual routes and we hadn't gone far into the forest when we heard what sounded like a howl of some kind, It was not a noise i was happy to hear as  im out in the forests often and it was so eerie, in fact  Roxy my German Shepherd barked loudly at it.

At this point the "howl" sounded quite close to us, but we couldn't make out the source of the noise or what was making it.  A few seconds later the same "howl" sound occurred again only this time it sounded further away....there were four further "howls" in succession after the first one, so five in all.

To be honest I have also heard this same noise in the same area of forest before when i have been on my walks or taking photographs, though I was on my own with the dogs and kinda doubted myself and what I'd heard. This time my partner heard it too, so i did have somebody to validate the "howl". I intend going back there without the dogs, to see if i hear it again.

17/72017: Well we're just back from the part of Slieveanorra where I heard the "howls" the other night, we returned to the area in the hopes of hearing the call again.  I had my phone ready to record any noises tonight but alas we didn't hear anything.  But i do not think all was in vain, as we had brought my partners wee dog Barney with us and he stopped just near where there was a double X (made from large tree trunks crossing each other).

Barney stood still with his paw up off the ground and his ears up and was sniffing the air as if he caught the smell of something on the wind. He seemed to be watching something or someone that we could not see.  Then further down into the forest he did the same again, he stopped still and was sniffing the air and looking off into the trees.  It appeared that he was watching something again that had him transfixed.  My partner and myself both got a feeling we were being watched.  Also on this visit another strange thing happened, but maybe it has nothing to do with any of this but the other night we lost the dogs ball and looked all round the area we had been in but couldn't find it, tonight it was laying out in plain sight in the area we had looked previously and it was not there then? I will go back to this area soon again and I really hope I can hear the "howls" again.

Friday, 14 July 2017

New Maldon The Greenman Face 2007

This account was brought to my attention by Michael Applebee and was printed in Fortean Times written by Nick Skerten from London:

Nick Skerten:  One summer afternoon in 2007, I was returning from central London and my train had spent a few too many minutes idling at the platform in New Malden station. Lost in thought, I had been looking out of the window at nothing in particular when I suddenly saw something that made me gasp out loud. At the far end of the London-bound platform is a thick bank of trees and shrubs behind a fence. I was astonished to see what appeared to be an enormous face made up of the surrounding foliage looming out at the opposite platform and looking very similar to the typical appearance of the ‘Green Man’, as seen in church carvings. The face was about 5ft (1.5m) in diameter and about 7ft (2m) or so from the ground.

I was amazed how perfect the face seemed to be-though at the same time I knew it was just my brain demonstrating its knack for face recognition in random patterns. I probably gazed in wonder for 20-odd seconds before the most shocking thing happened.

Suddenly, and with tremendous velocity, the entire face withdrew backwards into the vegetation, which caused the surrounding bushes and trees to sway violently. Most strikingly of all, a branch that must have been under the ‘face’ swung upwards with immense force-as if a huge weight had been lifted from it-before smacking into the surrounding greenery and, I suppose, reassuming its original position. This whole motion took about a second and the face had completely disappeared! I could accept that a fox or even a human might have been sitting on the branches and had jumped off, causing them to bounce back into position, but this would not easily account for the very distinct retraction of the face, as if it was wrenched backwards into a tunnel.

The face in no way looked constructed or man-made and seemed to consist of a natural, though utterly remarkable, arrangement. The features of the thing were clear to see and I was particularly struck by the grinning mouth and staring eyes. Quite how the verdant visage was sucked backwards I have no idea. I have often wondered how, or indeed why, anyone would have achieved this bizarre effect for bored South West Trains passengers. The train drew away and I sat back in my chair feeling strangely unnerved. On all my subsequent journeys through the station I have never seen anything like this again.
I managed to get in contact with Nick to ask his permission to reproduce the letter and to see if there was anything else he would add. Nick commented that: “There was no-one near me when I saw this weird thing, which is slightly frustrating! I was travelling back from town after doing some shopping. It was a very sunny day and I suppose the train had been waiting for a good two minutes before I noticed the face in the leaves. I hadn’t been staring out of the window all of that time and it was, as I recall, the moment I looked at the bushes that I saw the face. I’ve always had a good look at that bank of trees whenever I pass through New Malden station on the train, but it’s always looked like a rather standard bush and nothing else. It was, though, the terrific suction that seemed to be exerted on the face as it was wrenched back into the shrubbery that I found so inexplicable. The violence of the exit and the massive swaying of branches and foliage was quite spectacular and just left me feeling really surprised and shocked. I only wish now that I had got out of the train and gone to investigate the opposite platform, but, alas, I didn’t, so I’m left with the mystery.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

I almost hit it with the bike, Thorp Perrow Figure 1983

Witness Mr. A. Ross: I did not know that any UK Bigfoot sites existed until i found yours earlier this week and knew i needed to contact you. You see I had a sighting and experience over 30 yrs ago as a young boy in Yorkshire that i have never been able to explain,I have not told many people over the years and i have only shared it with a trusted few but on seeing your accounts from others, i feel ok to share it with you. 

I found the American sites years ago trying to match what i had seen all those years ago and what i saw was so like the american bigfoot reports iv been trying to find other UK witnesses ever since, even as far back as  the early 80's and on finding you i realised i was not the only one who had seen "it".  When i saw the map of sightings i knew i had to contact you to share the details.
Back in 1983 i lived in a rural area just outside Bedale called Thorp Perrow, The area is pretty rural sandwiched between two National Parks – the stunning Yorkshire Dales to the West, and the dramatic North York Moors to the East,  with small country lanes, woods and fields and the rivers Swale, the Ure and the Ouse close by it was a good place to grow up as a child.

One year i was around 15 yrs old and i was riding my Bicycle back home from the  school disco i had just been to. This was at night and with no lights on my bike or the path i was taking. I was in a good mood but a little spooked due to the time of night and being alone, so i was singing away to myself to keep my spirits up as it was pretty dark and no one was around, i should say i was riding through the farm land track into the forest as there was a path that made a shortcut through there.  I'm was peddling away trying to close the distance to home, singing away and thinking of nothing in particular when Bamm i almost hits some one on the road, i swerved at the  last moment to avoid hitting "them" full on and braked hard. Halting i looked back to see a huge "person shaped thing" with its arms above its head and it started to growl/howl/screech at me,  it was no person and It was large and holding its hands up in an angry gesture and making a horrible noise, im sorry to say i was terrified, i almost messed my self in fear, all i can remember is the size of this thing, bigger than human size, it stands out as large and bulking now when i think back, the growl was horrible and its eyes stood out the most to me and my attention was fixed on them, they have stayed with me for over 30 yrs.

Looking back all i recall was the initial shock of almost hitting 'someone' in the dark, and then as i drew to a halt and turned back all i could make out was it was no person, the mass of it was too large, it was huge,and i remember the whites of its eyes and the inhuman growl/howl a kind of guttural noise it made at me. I rode off faster than before and got home as quickly as i could.
As i say this was over 30yrs ago now but it is still with me, and even though i now live in the town dark alleys, country lanes and the woods at night still spook me. l hope this helps others to come forward and share their experiences too.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Hunchback of Park Lime Pits 70's

Hi Deborah. I've been watching your recent video concerning the Woodmill Hairy thing and it has jogged a memory i had from my childhood. I grew up in the village of Rushall just outside Walsall  which has quite a lot of greenbelt fields and woodland. I used to love walking in a particular area called Park Lime pits which was a lime quarry but now a nature reserve, the quarry has now been filled with water and stocked with plenty of fish.  Around 40 years ago children would go and play in the woods there -alas children had more freedom then.  One girl in my class told me about something that happened to her brother and his friend when they had stayed out longer than they should have, and it was getting dark when they came across what they described as a hunch backed man walking along the railway embankment.

They described the figure as raggy, dirty and unkempt and he was breathing heavily. She said her brother and his friend ran away and were genuinely very frightened when they got home.  I told my friend and one evening as children do, we actually went looking for the hunch back!  

Of course we never found anything so just dismissed it as fantasy.  I'm wondering now though that perhaps there was something to it and the boys may have seen a wild man.  The area has food sources and water, a canal, there are mine shafts and workings and even a golf course not too far away.  Further along the railway line down Bosty Lane there is also a patch of woodland called Linley Wood. It may have also been quarried at one time as the land undulates and is cavernous in some parts. I roamed all over the place when I was a kid but we never ventured in that  wood. I just never felt comfortable there. I'm not in contact anymore with the girl who told me this tale so unfortunately can't verify the story.  It's still intriguing, though so thought I'd pass it on.

May be someone will come forward in the future with more info - sorry mine is so sketchy but it is all I can remember.  It was you talking about railway lines as a green corridor that triggered the memory. funny how the mind works!

It is indeed funny how the mind works, i for one notice over and over the same things popping up in areas of the accounts, so often quarries feature in many of them, usually accompanied by railway embankments and golf courses, although we have no solid evidence why these things feature so heavily in the areas of sightings and experiences but my own theory is without access to huge amounts of  land to choose from old quarries and golf courses at night provide human free ground, lots of wildlife and cover.  And the railway embankments and small streams or rivers may offer not only food sources and cover but the path of least resistance and in the hours of darkness and dawn they are also mini human free highways crossing the whole of the UK.

I also feel so many of us have these hidden forgotten memories from childhood.  I notice time and time again when doing an article or video it always brings forward another person who saw, heard or experienced a similar thing in the same area, and dark hunched figures on the  railway embankments are not just reported in the Walsall area of the UK but all across our beautiful country. And once again a figure described as hunched or hunch backed, scruffy or ragged and breathing heavy using the railway line or stream as a route is an all to familiar theme. Although we can not add this to the bigfoot accounts from the area, i do find it interesting this sightings is only a short walk to the many cannock chase encounters to the North. But with ample parkland and areas of natural beauty on the doorstep this area is a good stopping place from any direction you may be travelling from or too in the UK

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thetford Forest, "i was being shadowed by something i could not see.

The Witness contacted myself on Youtube after seeing an earlier video i had made about the strange cluster of accounts in the Thetford Forest Area and he was reminded of something similar that happened to him in the same area as the earlier accounts, here is what the witness had to say.

I live in the Thetford forest area very near to the other Thetford sightings and have seen some rather strange things whilst out walking in the area. Once a few years ago i was out walking and i had the feeling i was not alone and that i was being stalked whilst out from something in the bushes i could not see.  I realised that in the high shrubs and grass something was moving alongside me and keeping up step for step.

No matter how hard i looked i could not see or make out whatever it was as the bracken and underbrush had grown so high that year due to heavy rainfall in the spring.  It was around chest height and  something quite large was moving close by without to much trouble keeping pace with me, stopping when I did and then as I began walking again, it did the same exact thing and i could hear it following me. Now i know of many animals in the area but i don't know what this could of been as it didn't hide or move off like most animals would and  this is not the behaviour of a deer as they would turn tail and run if they spotted a human, in fact most times they move off before you even notice them, it wasn't like that, it was as if whatever it was knew i was there, and didn't care for it, and to be honest paced out my steps with me as i walked, it was more than unnerving.  Luckily I was near to my home and legged it as fast as I could, i kept  looking back to see if whatever it was would emerge from the trees but thankfully it didn't. The only time I saw a non native animal was in 1986 when a black panther that crossed the road in front of my car near to Cranwich. 

Whilst I'm unsure what could of been in the bracken that day, this is not the first account in the area of a strange out of place animal or figure, and on the map there are also a number of other accounts of people being shadowed and sometimes almost escorted from an area forthwith.  With River Lea running through it and ample off the path areas, something is roaming the woods and trees of Thetford and to date as been described as a Manbear? Apeman? Man sized baboon and the Upright shaggy creature to name a few.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Thetford Walking Figure and The Figure Crossing The Lane

I live quite close to Thetford Forest and have over the years had a couple of strange experiences whilst out in the Forest itself and i wanted to share them with you.

First Experience: The first  thing that happened to me, happened when I stayed outdoors overnight by the river Little Ouse. We had canoed up stream from Santon Downham until we reached the weir and river gauging station. We drifted back downstream a little to a suitable location to pull the canoe out of the water and with suitable trees to set up our hammocks for the night.  We walked until we were far off the beaten track and decided we would set up camp for the night in the spot we found.  It was about 02:00 hrs when we settled into our hammocks to get some sleep.  All was quiet and then we both heard slow and deliberate movement that approached us, we both asked each other at the same time "Is that you?" and we both answered "No, I thought it was you moving!?!?"

We remained silent and the sound of footsteps circled us before slowly walking away. Whatever it was would pause if we made any kind of noise and then start up again if we were quiet?  In the first light we could clearly see the trampled down tall grass and the route it took to and around us before returning to continue along the river bank. There is no path along by the river where we stayed, only tall grass and very vicious stinging nettles that could sting through your jeans. It was all really strange. Someone had walked up to the camp and walked slowly round the hammocks with enough noise we could hear them and then off again along the river.

As we paddled back in the morning we went over what we had seen and heard to try and work out what or who it could've been. It could have been a person but i find it strange they would be walking along an overgrown river bank in the dead of night with no torch or light to guide them? How did they manage not to trip over, fall in the river or not to react to being stung by the nettles?  The only thing we could think of was it had to walk upright on two legs, this is based on the sound of the footsteps and the tracks in the long grass and nettles, plus i have good night vision and we were very aware of our surroundings. I don't think either of us wanted to say exactly what we thought it could have been incase it put either of us off bushcrafting in the forest. Neither of us felt scared or unsettled at anytime while whatever it was investigated our camp.

The second Account Happened the morning of Sunday 25 June 2017: I got up early and decided to take my dog for a good long walk through the forest. I parked my car down a forest track that has right of way with vehicle access permitted. We set off as normal, birds singing, cool air with the warmth of the sun just detectable on the skin. My dog normally walks about 2-3 meters in front when off the lead. She does seem to think that all creatures in the forest are potential play friends. She is also friendly to other people and dogs, she barks or rather yaps excitedly to engage the other dog to engage in chase me. I like to think I know her barks and their meanings quite well by now.

The walk goes well with nothing out of the ordinary. We go by a potential overnight bushcraft location and I see a woven willow or hazel screen has been erected at a spot that overlooks the railway line and Little Ouse river valley.The screen has about 4 rectangular apertures at various heights as if for binoculars to be used through. It is too far off the beaten track and marked trails to be for the average visitor. The grass is not trodden down near it so has not been used too much just yet. We carry on and take a shortcut back to the car.

I put the travel harness on my dog and clip her in. Start the car and slowly head down the track to exit the forest. I have the windows down to enjoy the cool breeze and smile at my dog with her head out of the window. All of a sudden her head appears between the two front seats and she is staring at something ahead. Nothing I say or do will break her stare so I begin to scan the track and verge ahead for a person, a dog or deer. I am aware she has now stood up and is leaning forward as if to get a better look or to be in front. I cannot see anything out of place up the track ahead of us but I do slow down to a crawl just incase something should run out in front. All of a sudden she starts barking at full volume. This is not her greeting bark, it is so much more deeper and powerful. In between each bark she now growls and her top lip is curled back showing her teeth. In the 5 years I have owned her she has never ever displayed this behaviour. I stop the car and try to reassure her all is okay. She does all she can to keep looking ahead with snarls, growls and deep powerful barking. I like to think I know my dog well but this did unsettle me a little. I decided to carry on driving in the hope of passing whatever is causing her to be so agitated. By now she is pulling against her harness and I have never ever heard the sounds she is making before, I have also never seen her so agitated and focused on what she has decided is a threat. I keep scanning the track ahead and verges but I see nothing out of the ordinary.

As i'm driving i try to keep an eye on her to try and see her turn and face whatever it is when we pass by, but also on keep an eye the track ahead. For a moment I consider turning the car around and leaving the forest via the long way out to avoid whatever is the  cause of her agitation.  Up ahead coming out of the verge of tall grasses, bracken and nettle is something moving from left to the right.  Its movements looked fluid and deliberate.  My first thought was it is a vehicle of some type?  But the idea is quickly dismissed as how would it fit through the trees and who would it be? Before I can get a better look, it has crossed the track and i could no longer see it.  I did not get a chance to have a good look and see detail because of the distance and speed it crossed the track.  It was a grey/brown in colour with no sharp/defined outline such as a vehicle.  My mind is trying to match the image with what it could be.  My dog is still growling, snarling and barking.  As we pass the spot where it crossed I could see a parting of the bracken and grass but not like a deer trail that is clearly defined.  My dog is now facing the way the creature has gone, her hackles up, snarling, growling, deep barking and in a wide defensive stance. She then faces out the rear still barking until we get on the main road and head home.  I still have no idea what crossed that path and upset the dog so much, but she has never acted this way before.

I was meant to be spending tonight wild camping in the forest close to the sighting area but I have decided to give it a miss for the time being. I am tempted to return to the area tomorrow and have a good explore, may be take some photos or video for reference so I can track any changes? I will bring my dog (on the lead) with me for two reasons, firstly for company and secondly to see if she reacts and gives me a warning to remove myself and her from the area.

Thetford Forest as we know is a hotbed of british bigfoot and other strange upright figures that roam the woods of trees of the Forest. And as discussed before the River Ouse is one of the main highways for our wild folk here in the UK, i think this 129 mile route is important as the Ouse is one of the Rivers that join the River Ure that runs to the Humber Estuary where it joins the North Sea.  Crossing the Uk it would be a very quick and easy route to travel.

Also of note, not to very far away is the Old Church of St Catherine in Ludham and on the font of the church there are carved woodwoose.

D. Hatswell 1/7/2017

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Henfield Humanoid Thing (did he throw a squirrel at us) 1990

The witness shared this account with me July 2016.

It was September 1990 and I was around 16 years old. It was the 40th birthday party of the mother of my best friend. They were caravan owners who camped often and had obtained use of a field behind a pub to put up tents, caravans, BBQ etc for the weekend. The pub has quite a large beer garden so the field would have been quite a way behind the pub, very near to the River Adur.

My parents were also attending the party but I was actually staying the night with my friend in an awning attached to her parents' caravan. I will admit we did consume some alcohol (underage obviously!) earlier on in the evening but it was lemonade mostly and by the time the incident happened I was completely sober. I have an exceptional memory for silly small details and can remember the evening very well, even down to the white cut off jeans I was wearing that were from Gap in Brighton and also a flowery shirt that I got caught on some brambles in a ditch and ripped the back open.  After my friend and I had settled down for the night - giggling and talking as girlie's do - we heard some commotion outside of the awning. We heard a few twigs and things falling down on the canvas tent roof. It was a bit scary as it was very late and very dark.

We then heard an animalistic growling sort of noise and a large thump and sort of squeak. It sounded like a small animal being thrown at the roof and immediately afterwards (bare with me on this one) I thought of that episode of Blackadder the Third with Amy the female highwayman-type who hates squirrels and shoots one out of a tree and it squeaks as it falls. I even joked and said to my friend 'that sounded like a squirrel hitting the roof'. When I looked outside I saw someone/something standing up a tree with its arms above its head. It was a very dark, very broad with a humanoid shape and I could just see one continual colour of darkness ie: couldn’t see clothing, no visible eyes or facial features etc, just the outline of a broad shouldered human shaped thing up a tree. I am short sighted though so would not have been able to see detail like hair. I just remember it being very dark in colour and it emitted a sort of guttural sound that sounded like 'wer' (to rhyme with 'her').

There were other people camping in the field and it could have been someone maybe playing a joke but it really didn't look like a 'normal person' to me. I was terrified and immediately stuck my head back into the awning. When I eventually grabbed my glasses so that I could have a proper look, it was gone. I didn't hear it get down and go.

For me to be able to see it without my glasses must have meant it was pretty big and relatively near, but distance is not my forte I am afraid! My friend asked what it was but this is where my memory fails me (which is unusual for me) as I cannot remember whether she looked too or relied on my description. I think we just both went to sleep thinking we were dreaming but when we woke we both remembered it.

We do still talk about it from time to time and she says often “do you remember when that funny thing threw a squirrel at the roof at my mum's.  Its something i thought about often as the years have gone on, and to be honest until i saw your site i didn't realise other people had seen them too.  I just wish i had gotten a better look at its face, but maybe to a young girl it was a blessing in disguise that i couldn't.....

Area check: on doing an area check i realised that although this was a pub it wasn't your usual local, set on a country road, with many over grown hedge rows, fields and woods behind, it was quite an empty area and could easily be used moving between the coast and the South Downs National Park.  There are also four audio account of howls growls and screams in the area also.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Ryvoan Tarf Boffy Terror 2005

This Account came in throught the Outdoors Magic camping blog and happened around August 2005:

I had a really spooky experience on Sunday night. I had been out on the Cairngorms alone and decided to spend the night in Ryvoan bothy which I had never visited before. I reached the bothy after dark andit was empty. I sorted out my therm-a-rest, sleeping bag and bivvy bag and read for a while by my headtorch light before turning in for the night. I was awoken at 2am by the noise of loud conversation which seemed to be coming from outside and went out and investigated with my headtorch but there was no-one to be seen. I got back into bedand was just getting back to sleep when all off a sudden I heard a series of loud scraping noises as if somone were dragging heavy furniture around the bothy floor!! I flicked on my headtorch and the room was empty and the noise stopped. My heart was in my mouth at this stage as I felt really creeped out and I just couldnt sleep after that. To my horror the noises started up again only louder this time as if a heavy wooden object were being dragged around next to my ear and once again I flicked on my headtorch and the noise suddenly stopped - well that was it! I sat up all night and made a speedy exit back to the car at first light! Has anyone else experienced any weirdness in this bothy.

I should add that I'm very used to wild camping by myself and have never experienced any feeling of fear or had any unusual experiences like this before but I know I wont be returning to Ryvoan Bothy again!!!